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Hot Gun Bluing Salts

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What i can say is that i have personly had a tank of hot blueing salts blow up in my face weatherby trigger guard and if not for the safety equipment i would be disfigured. Bluing is a thin protective shell of black iron oxide fe3o4 intended to provide nominal protection against rusting for gun metal.

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Louthan gunworks specializes in gun customization and ceramic coatings.

Hot gun bluing salts. Einstein but by statutes designed to conserve public and worker safety. How to blue a gun barrel. It works by turning red iron oxide or rust fe2o3 into black iron oxide fe3o4.

This is not a new productit is a bluing salts developed by mr. There is no guess work nor is there any doubt as to the results with these salts. Ernest marlette does the nicest hot salts bluing i have ever seen.

I am just wondering if anyone has a recipe orand tips on a good homemade blueing salt bath. Bluing is a passivation process in which steel is partially protected against rust and is named after the blue black appearance of the resulting protective finishtrue gun bluing is an electrochemical conversion coating resulting from an oxidizing chemical reaction with iron on the surface selectively forming magnetite fe 3 o 4 the black oxide of iron. Brownells is your source for metal bluingmetal prep coloring at brownells parts and accessories.

Well ernest did the polishing and bluing and hes top of the line. I plan on buying one of those old star 9mm paras from sarco for my experiment so i actually plan on trying different formulas and using muriatic acid to remove the blueing solution results until i find one that. How to reblue a gun.

They work at temperatures of 285 315 degrees fahrenheit and give a rich deep lasting blue when used at the proper temperature. Christy with the help of several chemists in 1935 and has been used continually by us since that time. Lg holds an 07 ffl and manufacturers sot license.

Metal finishing is an art and a science requires specialized techniques and is now governed not only by common sense the layer of prejudices built up before the age of eighteen a. Black oxidizing or bluing is a method of treating steel to create a thin protective shell around it. Shop our vast selection and save.

We can order new or repair old. Some may have seen the pics of my sx 1 ken hurst engraved project gun. I can add very little to what goofy has already mentioned.

Like many at this site i prefer to use or make my own supplies rather than buying them. Gunsmith blueing hot bluing p1. Over time however this shell can wear away and need to be renewed to restore the.

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