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Hop Hornbeam Lumber

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Because of its small size hophornbeam is seldom harvested commercially. Likely to be limited in availability even within its natural range.

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Hop hornbeam ostrya virginiana has light brown shreddy bark and gets the hop hornbeam name from the cluster of overlapping seed pods which resemble a cone of fruits on a hop vine.

Hop hornbeam lumber. Ideally i could get some 3 wide lumber mostly heartwood to use for some projects. Hi all i am a banjo maker and have been looking for some time for some nice straight grained hophornbeam. Eastern hop hornbeam is named for its fruits which are clusters of flattened papery scalelike sacs arranged in an overlapping pattern like scales on a pinecone resembling the hops that beer is made from.

There are two types of hornbeam in me. I had about 4 logs in my last batch of firewoodi think i burned all of it but ill look. Hophornbeam has been reported to cause skin irritation.

I wanted to make some mallets. Im up in the county. See the articles wood allergies and toxicity and wood dust safety for more information.

If you cant find any let me know and ill see if i can locate some for you. American hornbeam carpinus caroliniana has smooth grey bark which is often rippled like muscle causing it to be called muscle wood in some areas. See the articles wood allergies and toxicity and wood dust safety for more information.

The hophornbeam and the american hornbeam. Not typically harvested commercially for lumber due to its small size hornbeam isnt seen too often for sale. Ive looked all around talked to tree removal.

Prices for the wood should be moderate throughout its natural range. It is a small tree6 to 8 inches and i couldent keep it from splitting when i dried it.

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