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Honey Locust Vs Black Locust Wood

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Plenty for the few really cold nights around here although id burn it most of the time if it was more available. Honey locust firewood is excellent for burning.

Minnesota Seasons Honey Locust

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Honey Locust Black Locust And Kentucky Coffeetree Br Three

In some regions the black locust is cultivated as a honey plant.

Honey locust vs black locust wood. The black locust and honey locust are trees that grow in warm climates. Black locust versus honey locust both trees are native to the se us. It is a very dense hardwood that puts out a lot of heat and a very long burn.

For firewood it is comparable to black locust as far as heat output. Black locust and honey locust both have thin smooth shiny seed pods that hang from the flowers. The seed pod on the black locust grows to a length of 2 to 4 inches but on the honey locust it grows to a length of 12 to 14 inches.

The honey and black locust species part at the subclass level. Black vs honey locust trees black locust and honey locust trees grow in places with sunny or warm temperatures. I have used both for firewood and cannot tell the difference once down and split.

The black locust does not emit a strong odor. Black vs honey locust trees. Honey locust wood is not as rot resistant.

In other words the blooms of black locust is a source of nectar for honey bees in that area. Learning the environment in which a particular tree has grown is important in choosing your wood. The odor i detect is more pronounced in honey locust wood than in walnut.

The black locust is also known as the false acacia or yellow locust and there are about 10 species. Though they are mainly grown for ornamental purposes black locusts are much valued for their hard and durable wood. I have worked with both honey locust and black locust trees and the honey locust has a very strong odor when it is cut wet.

The wood of both are excellent fence posts. Im doing better than usual on locust this year 25 truckloads of black and a heaping truckload of honey plus a line on a big black locust that the county has marked for removal. With the honey in the pea family and the back in the magnolia family.

The black locust trees botanical name is robinia pseudoacacia and the honey locust trees is gleditsia triacanthos. It is a wood that can spark and pop so best to have a closed fireplace or wood stove when burning indoors. Somewhat similar in appearance to black locust honey locust is technically in a different genus robinia and gleditsia respectively and telling the two apart is somewhat similar to separating white and red oakthe pores of black locust are packed with tyloses while they are absent in the pores of honey locust.

In both black locust and honey locust trees the climate and the environmental conditions under which they have grown greatly affect.

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Honey Locust Wikipedia

Distinguishing Honey Locust And Black Locust

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