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Hollows And Rounds

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Up to this point in time chris mcduffie is probably best known as one of the backing musicians in robert schneiders apples in stereo. I want to walk you through the advice that i received from hand plane experts on how to choose the right features when buying hollows and rounds molding planes.

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A set of hollows and rounds will give you the opportunity to mould the edges of your work in a fashion you want not limited by the catalogue of options that routers and shapers afford.

Hollows and rounds. You will use them to create that one off specific molding or edge youve seen in museums or antique shops. When sticking moldings using hollows and rounds the standard trade approach is to define elements of the molding with appropriately sized and located rabbets. In the above woodworking hand tool video i share the moment when i opened a new antique set of hollows rounds molding planes.

I use machinery when it is efficient and when it wont dictate the look of my final product. I just finished reading matt bickfords book and am interested in trying to create some larger moldings for casework. A while ago i came up with a more efficient way to make a wooden molding.

Hollows and rounds are the most popular and common moulding planes available. A full set would probably be better. Those who constantly receive high praise are.

18 by fox washburn amherst massachusetts. Sizing hollows and rounds kenneth f. For readers interested in acquiring hollows and rounds there are several superb makers operating today.

I use planes to flatten boards wider than my 6 jointer. Hollows and rounds are among the most common of wooden planes probably the most common outside of bench planes jacks smoothers jointers etc. By adding a second pair of hollows and rounds you are also able to make ovular or elliptical shapes by using two different sized pairs.

Hollows and rounds hollows and rounds the name hollows and rounds. A set of 12 hollows and rounds. While the vast majority of wood moulding planes are named after the surface that they cut there is a little twist to the hollow and rounds.

Bickford and phil edwards of philly planes in the uk. Or you can watch the used tool mongers and hope and wait and. Larry williams and don mcconnell of old street tool matt bickford of ms.

The number 1 hollows and rounds we offer do have a 116 sole because we dont see the need for what is essentially two pair of number 2 planes. The latter are produced with a plow plane while rabbets can be started with snipes bill. Hollows and rounds used individually or in combination will shape the curved surfaces of any molding ranging from simple quarter rounds coves and bullnoses through side beads ogees astragals and ovolos.

Find great deals on ebay for hollows and rounds. The hollow and rounds are progressing albeit slowly as there is fixturing to design and build first. Im wondering what the best way would be to go about acquiring a half set of hollows and rounds.

I also did a trial run of mortises to work out a process and debug any issues before committing to all of the planes. But here is the real beauty of the situation. I cut my dovetails with a.

Hollows and rounds are the most popular and common moulding planes available. You can do a lot with a set of hollows and rounds the only limit is your imagination. Hollows rounds the edges of furniture i made for 5 years were various derivatives of the same 12 router bits.

Most put them in the general category of molding planes although there are those who feel they are a separate category unto. Hollows and rounds by whitejacket. This week i share my set of hollows and rounds the original router bit collection.

I am not a woodworker who uses only hand tools. Posted on july 20 2010 august 30 2012 by chris wong. Making a pair of hollows and rounds.

Side round planes 61500pair side round planes from old street tool cut 900 of arc with a 12 radius and are helpful when creating a recessed flat or coved area abutting another profile element. The number corresponds to the radius profile in sixteenths of an inch. I rarely use more than a couple hollows and rounds.

If you want to buy them two useful videos are hollows and rounds by tod herrli and sharpening profiled hand tools the basic idea is to put layout fluid on the back of the blade load the blade into the plane and tap in the wedge. The wedges have been sized and the finials shaped on all 48 of them. Out of all this timber i only managed to get 6 3 pieces roughly 2 x 1 18 and on the 6th picture 2 of the 6 pieces had still got a.

Hollows and rounds are seemingly difficult to steer especially if you have the wrong strategy. Hollows and rounds the name hollows and rounds. Hackney tools is a woodworking blog mostly concerned with joinery and cabinet making.

These moulding planes are the most useful you could own with them you can make trim mouldings round over corners make linenfold panels even make your own dowels. Hollows and rounds irons are bedded at 55 or 60 degrees tapered iron 60 degrees of a circle width of cut corresponds to radius of a circle available the following sizes 1814 38 12 58 34 1 1 14and 1 12 beading planes sold individually or in sets irons are bedded a. Below are examples of 12 set of even numbered hollows and rounds.

Hollow and round moulding planes. A franklin tukey was listed as a carpenter living in portland maine in the 1869 portland city dire. Sizing hollows and rounds.

Or in some cases grooves. This works up to 12 then graduates in 14 increments. While the vast majority of wood moulding planes are named after the surface that they cut there is a little twist to the hollow and rounds.

A pair of hollow and round molding planes both no. With two pairs of hollows and rounds you are able to make multiple moulding profiles that complement each other and are not simply derivatives of the same circle. Tools hollows and rounds can be comprised of several pairs of planes that create varying convex and concave radii.

We also discuss the uses of woodworking hand tools and machines. If a profiled plane has a single point for its contoured sole to ride the chance that you end up with the beginning of 7 molding equaling the end is slim. The problem is that with so many possible profiles i think the myth is that one needs at least a half set of hollows and rounds to be able to even think about sticking your own mouldings.

Making moldings with hollows and rounds and a few other planes or why you need more tools than you have already design issues the primary concern when designing a molding is the use to which you will put it. Red rose reproductions is now making hollow and rounds in small runs by order. I dimension lumber by hand when it will not fit through my 12 planer.

These planes come in left and right handed pairs. Every time i thought about my next piece i immediately.

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Hollows And Rounds M S Bickford Reproduction Moulding Planes

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Hollows And Rounds Planes
Hollows And Rounds Planes
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