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Hewing Hatchet Rdr2

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Featuring double bit hatchets minimum and max stats compatible customization and more. Find out all stats and tips to know for hewing hatchet in red dead redemption 2 rdr2.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Homing Tomahawk Recipe Hewing Hatchet Melee

It can be purchased from fences from chapter 5 onward after completing the dear uncle tacitus mission.

Hewing hatchet rdr2. This hatchet can also be thrown. Logged in the stump of the tree to the right walk up to the stump and you will see a prompt to pick up the hewing hatchet. The hatchet is located on a tree stump on the ponds southern shore.

This melee weapon was found in a tree stump near moonstone pond in the grizzlies next to an abandoned shack. How to unlock the hewing hatchet. Youll find the hewing hatchet at moonstone pond which is in the northeastern quadrant of your map.

This old and worn hatchet has a flat edge along one side of the blade and is designed for hewing the process of converting logs into lumber. I came back with a nice hewing hatchet. The hatchet is an ok melee weapon that deals decent damage.

Where to find the hewing hatchet in red dead redemption 2 map location. Like the double bit hatchet the differences with the regular hatchet are only aesthetic. While out wandering the land near braithwaite manor i came across a golden gun marker and went to investigate.

Featuring hewing hatchets minimum max stats compatible customization and more. Hewing hatchet pick up point. The hewing hatchet appears to be mostly decorative and functions like the regular hatchet.

Rdr2 best horse location. How to get every best horse in red dead redemption 2 for free. Hewing hatchet stats customization find out all stats and tips to know for double bit hatchet in red dead redemption 2 rdr2.

For a more specific reference the pond is just to the south of the maps grizzlies east text. You can find this hatchet in a stump on the southern shore of.

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How To Get The Hewing Hatchet In Red Dead Redemption 2

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Hewing Hatchet Location
Hewing Hatchet Location
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Hewing Hatchet Rdr2 Location
Hewing Hatchet Rdr2 Location
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Hewing Hatchet
Hewing Hatchet
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