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Harbor Freight Dust Collector Cyclone Mod

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So here is yet another harbor freight dust collector 2 stage mod. Solve all of the worlds problems by souping that sucker up with a two stage cyclone and canister filter mod.

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Harbor Freight Cyclone Dust Collector 3 Steps

Dust collector cyclone mod yet again.

Harbor freight dust collector cyclone mod. I purchased this item and just tried it yesterday but it doesnt fit the harbor freight dust collector portneeds to be a tad bigger. I want to put a reducer right on the dust collector and then run a 4 hose from it. I removed the impeller using a puller tool.

Super dust deputy cart. The cabinet is made from inch osb subflooring and the dust collection drawer front is inch osb subflooring. Harbor freight dust collector mod.

2824 diy cyclone dust collector dust collection. Also have the remote start. With 1550 cfm air flow this portable dust collector is more effective than many big stationary units.

This is my version of modifying a harbor freight dust collector and adding a super dust deputy. Anyone who has done this know where i can get one to fit it. The upper filter bag screens out particles as small as 5 microns 110 the diameter of a human hair.

Im sure youve all seen this many times over but when doing my research i didnt really find an example of how i wanted to do it with an accompanying article and video. It appears to be intended for the hose to fit on it. Woodshop tools woodworking garage woodworking projects diy workshop storage diy workshop garage workshop garage vacuums dust deputy shop dust collection.

To seamlessly connect to the super dust deputy xl im going to upgrade the impeller. The dust collector build started with a stock 2hp single phase harbor freight dust collector. This thing is super efficient motor works allot better with the new ffilter.

This 2 hp dust collector delivers powerful dust collection exactly where you need it. After doing some research and counting my pennies i decided to go for the harbor freight dust collector and planned on modifying it into a two stage cyclone down the road. Plus the air flow just wasnt there to collect from some of my larger tools efficiently.

Finished my harbor freight mod made it into a dual stage with a dust deputy cyclone then added a wynn filter. Harbor freight dust collector mod tutorial. Harbor freight dust collector 2 stage cyclone modification monoloco workshop.

The stock blower cant push enough air to support a 6 opening.

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Harbor Freight Dust Collector Cyclone
Harbor Freight Dust Collector Cyclone
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