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Half Face Viserion

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This season on game of thrones characters have been poisoned left to rot in a dungeon while watching their daughters die torched like the crispy top of a creme brulee and mauled by ice. The night king is not stupid this is the name of the now viral reddit theory posted less than 23 hours ago by user qp0n thats garnered over 11000 up votesand after reading through the lengthy explanation we have to agree.

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I hope the writers burn in seven fucking hells and never get a job ever again.

Half face viserion. By far the night king killing viserion and later turning him into the very first white walker dragon was the most heartbreaking death in game of thrones season 7. Never in my life have i been as mad disappointed angered let down frustrated furious pissed off mad in my entire fucking life. Season 8 of game of thrones has brought with it the longest ever episode of the show.

The long awaited showdown between the night king and the living finally happened in episode 3 of game of thrones season 8 and it made for an extended battle sequence that was unprecedented on the. And then shout some of our favorite four letter words at the sky. The mother of dragons was.

Danys dead dragon viserion has been. Instead of a warm welcome to jon snow his half brother that he grew up with for most of his life and whom he hasnt seen since season one bran just stares blankly at him until jon snow bends down to kiss him on the headits a very tender moment but one that bran completely brushes off in order to get something off his chest. As game of thrones builds to a battle between the living including the three eyed raven an 18 year old assassin who can change her face and two dragons and a horde of ice zombies led by.

To make matters even worse the undead army dragged viserion out of the ice lake into which he sank so the night king could reanimate him turning his eyes bright blue in an episode ending twist. Episode 3 clocked in at 82 minutes putting it ahead of even the last few episodes still to come which also. Sarah larson recaps the game of thrones season 7 finale the dragon and the wolf which saw a showdown between the lannisters and jon snow and the army of the dead advancing.

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