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Gluing Neodymium Magnets To Wood

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Apparently the flakes of metal help to draw the material all around the entire magnet while the glue is still wet making an awful mess. A number of folks wrote in to warn about using jb weld adhesive with powerful neodymium magnets.

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It os not uncommon to destroy that bonding and this plating will start flaking.

Gluing neodymium magnets to wood. Here are a few types of adhesives crafters can use to secure neodymium magnets in place. Types of glue to use and what not to use. Call jobmaster magnets today.

Low temp hot glue can be used with ceramic magnets but not with neodymium magnets. Superglue is also not suitable since it may damage the coating of neodymium magnets. For craft projects with light weight magnets double sided tape and glue dots hold just fine.

Tips and tricks for gluing neodymium magnets. Jb weld is a popular epoxy adhesive with steel filler material. How to glue your neodymium magnets.

This gives the glue more surface area to grip. But this plating is poorly attached to magnet itself. The rougher grit allows the glue to seep into the crevices created by the sand paper.

Plastics pose the most challenging surface to attach a magnet to. A for best results sand in a cross hatch pattern. As an alternative refer to our selection of self adhesive magnets and magnetic tapes see below.

The problem with glueing magnets is that they are covered in nickel plating. 1 sand the magnets with a rough grit sandpaper 10 50 grit. Super glue like loctite.

We cannot recommend hot glue since its high temperature may demagnetise neodymium magnets. B try not to sand past the copper layer of the magnets plating. The temperature of the glue can lower the strength of those magnets.

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Gluing Neodymium Magnets
Gluing Neodymium Magnets
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