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General Lathe Operations

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If anyone wants to operate the lathe machine then he must first know about the feeds cutting speed depth of the cut and usage of tool should be considered. The carriage in the circled area consists of the apron the vertical casting on which the carriage handwheel is mounted and the saddle not shown the h shaped casting that rides on the ways to which the apron is attached.

Functions Of Different Parts Of A Lathe Machine Mechanical Engineering

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Basic Operation Of A Lathe

The general operations done with the lathe are grooving turning cutting sanding and etc.

General lathe operations. The general process of turning involves rotating a part while a single point cutting tool is moved parallel to the axis of rotation. 2 precision is much higher than other lathe mill combo knock off machines. Tools and equipment general purpose cutting tools.

All granite metal lathe and mill components are machined to tighter specs. In machining jargon where the larger context is. Having owned an emco maximat lathemill in the seventies and having a little more spare time now that my kids are grown i was in the market for a small lathe in fall of 1999.

This unit of competency applies to the production of components using centre lathes and lathe accessories precision measuring equipment and cutting tools on a range of standard engineering materials. Application of the unit. The bearings used in granite machines are higher grade.

Turning can be done on the external surface of the part as well as the internal surface the process known as boringthe starting material is generally a workpiece generated by other processes such as casting forging extrusion or drawing. General description of an engine latheexample of cylindrical turningfacing the ends square with a side toolturning toolturning work cylindricalroughing and finishing cutsfiling and finishingaligning centers for cylindrical turningapplication of drivers or dogslathe arbors or mandrelsdifferent types of. They were originally designed to machine metals.

Designed and built from the ground up to a higher precision standard. The 7×10 mini lathe introduction. A metal lathe or metalworking lathe is a large class of lathes designed for precisely machining relatively hard materials.

To gain a good understanding of the lathe you will need to know the names of the various components as illustrated below. However with the advent of plastics and other materials and with their inherent versatility they are used in a wide range of applications and a broad range of materials. Five years ago i purchased a sieg c3 chester uk 7×12 mini lathe for the purpose of making small metal parts for my astronomy hobby.

The engine latheturning and boring operations. I soon discovered that metalworking is an new hobby. Welcome to my hobby mini lathe beginners site.

The lathe cutting tool or tool bit must be made of the correct material and ground to the correct angles to machine a workpiece efficiently. Sieg c3 mini lathe and home metalworking hobby introduction.

Lathe Machine Mechanism


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General Lathe
General Lathe
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