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Formula For Calculating Board Feet In A Log

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The largest logs i get on a once a year basis is about 45 diameter 8 10 from the ground. Any inches entered will not be considered in the calculation.

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One board foot measures 12 inches x 12 inches x 1 inch and in theory one cubic foot contains 12 board feet.

Formula for calculating board feet in a log. You must choose one of the three log scales listed. The formula for calculating board feet is first to multiply thickness by width by length in inches. Finally divide the volume by 144 as there are 144 cubic inches in a board foot.

Then divide the total by 144 for the total board footage of a given board. How to determine board feet in a log. To learn how to calculate board feet with length in feet or cost by board foot read on.

I just want a formula that i can use to calculate and get a rough idea what it will cost me to mill a log. A large diameter on a hardwood tree is 30. Softwoods are often measured to the last full even foot ie 8 10 12 etc.

You will now have the board feet answer which is expressed in cubic inches. But this does not usually apply to a board foot scaling rule as this does not take into account the amount of waste of cutting a log into usable sections that can be measured in board feet. To estimate how many board feet in our log there are a variety of scales that have been created.

Enter whole number values no decimals or fractions log scale. A single board foot of lumber measures 1 inch thick 12 inches wide and 12 inches long. I started researching local milling and found a guy that will travel to your logs and mill them to your specs for 50 per board foot.

Do not round up to the next foot. The log length is the length to the last full foot especially for hardwood logs. Then multiply the 3 numbers together to get the boards volume which will be in cubic inches.

He calculates total board feet in the log before milling it and you pay for the total regardless of waste. The smallest diameter most hardwood mills buy is 13. The largest hardwood i have ever milled is a 54 diameter 20 from the ground burr oak.

The doyle scale is one of the most commonly used formulas for calculating board feet. Developed in the 1800s it is based on a mathematical formula and is most prominently used in the south and the midwest united states.

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Formula For Calculating Board Feet
Formula For Calculating Board Feet
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