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Filling Holes In Wood With Epoxy

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Tape off the bottom of the void so the epoxy will not run out. The best wood filler for large holes two part epoxy.

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Mix together the two part epoxy with a wooden craft stick for at least 2 minutes.

Filling holes in wood with epoxy. Standard spackling paste is one of the top choices to patch holes in interior wood. Polyester filler is used to repair holes in car bodies. Filling holes in a wood project with epoxy glue sawdust apply painters tape around the holes you need to fill in your wood.

To begin scoop equal golf ballsized pieces of parts a and b of the epoxy best exterior wood filler onto a scrap of hardboard or plywood. You dont have to wait for the consolidant to harden completely before filling with the epoxy wood filler. Here scott shows you how to fill all cracks and voids.

Stir the epoxy with the enclosed wooden stick until the glue is thoroughly mixed should appear cloudy and all one color pour or spoon the epoxy into the voids holes or knots. Got cracks voids or inclusions great thats character fill it with epoxy and or resin and it will look sick as all get. Two part epoxy is one of the top choices for patching large holes.

I could fill them with black polyester resin then use a router to carve out shallow holes as built in cup holders. I would use a pretty fluid version of the resin and expect that the first pour will soak in quite a bit. Also i already planned on using a slab from the same tree to cut the legs from.

The second fill will probably do the trick. Depress the plungers and squeeze the two part epoxy into the packaging mixing tray. That idea sounds classy in my head but could be just tacky.

Apply the epoxy mixture with a. Retain the cap to use if you have any leftover epoxy. I think epoxy is perfect for this kind of repair.

Dispense two part epoxy in a plastic disposable bowl. Mixing the exterior wood filler. Expect to fill more than one time.

Wood finishing tips for woodworkers. When youre building a project out of a knotty or rustic wood like alder pine mesquite or hickory you can give those boards a fantastic boost in stability and appearance by filling the cracks with wood filler glue mixed with sawdust or epoxy.

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