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Efficient Pumpkin Farm Minecraft

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Official minecraft pages minecraft homepage mojang help and support and contact mojang bug tracker and subreddit minecraft. Question mark blocks indicate that anything could be put in that spotperhaps lighting or other crops such as wheat carrots or potatoes.

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Efficiency on farms today i made this for you can improve the efficiency of your farms.

Efficient pumpkin farm minecraft. When the observer came out the first thing that i tried to do was to make a melon pumpkin farm but i always. This gives 80 blocks of farmland which can be fenced with 40 pieces of fence including gates and is the most efficient arrangement for simple farms. Spaces where fruit can occupy two or more stems will reduce the efficiency and yield.

Definitely the cheapest type of melonpumpkin farm so far. This is not necessarily the most efficient method of farming as you would need to crouch to avoid the trampling of crops and its not easy to access each tile. What is the optimum pattern to place crops in minecraft.

The maximum possible efficiency for any melon or pumpkin farm is 50 one fruit per stem. So lets see it wheat farms avaliable for carrots and potatos obviusly if you want the highest number of wheat in the smaller space i mean the maximum efficiency try this farm. Using the bud propagation that i use in the melon and pumpkin farm used the efficient sugarcane spacing http.

This article is about farming wheat potatoes carrots and beetroots. Im looking for a good design for a melon pumpkin farm. Some facts of the farm the.

There is a thread on the minecraft forums with various farm designs. Official minecraft pages minecraft homepage mojang help and support and contact mojang bug tracker and subreddit minecraft feedback site minecraft discord minecraft streams minecraft on esper. This design is greatly stackable has good collection rate is very denseone row of melons for every 3 horizontal lines on both sides at once the design is only 3 blocks thick with melons farmed on both sides or 2 blocks thick if you farm one side.

From minecraft wiki. Redstone extremely compact and efficient melon and pumpkin farm. Super efficient pumpkinmelon farm using observers 113 search search all forums search this forum search this thread tools jump to forum super efficient pumpkinmelon farm using observers 113.

Most efficient melonpumpkin farm 111 selfminecraft submitted 2 years ago by xspooner69. After testing for a while i created a great design for melon and pumpkin farming. For information on farming pumpkin and melon see.

Uses hopper minecarts to directly harvest the broken melonspumpkins.

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