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Do I Need A Sliding Miter Saw

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The blade head on the standard miter saw is stationary while the sliding miter saw has the blade head mounted on one or more rails allowing the user to make wider cuts with less effort. A standard miter saw is basically a chop saw that has the ability to make angled cuts or miters.

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For example a 12 inch sliding miter saw can easily cut materials that are up to 16 inches wide baseboards.

Do i need a sliding miter saw. With a sliding miter saw this max range jumps to about 10 or 12 inches. What is a miter saw. This makes a variety of jobs far easier.

The homecraft h26 is a good example of this type of saw and you can check my review for more details. So forget about using a miter saw to cut plywood sheets down to size. Table saws on the other hand can make both rips and cross cuts easily.

They are designed to quickly cut crown molding door frames window casings and picture frames. A example of a good 12 inch sliding miter saw is the bosch gcm12sd 120 volt 12 dual bevel glide miter saw. This 12 inch dual bevel glide miter saw features a powerful 15 amp motor that delivers a smooth accurate cutting performance with a space saving design exclusive to the bosch axial glide system.

Miter saws can also make straight cuts for general do it yourself woodworking projects. Compound power miter saws can adjust for both miter and bevel cuts giving them a leg up on basic miter saws. A miter saw is an extremely handy toolit allows you to make perfectly accurate crosscuts 90 degrees as well as miter cuts angled to your exact specifications.

However shopping for this particular tool can be quite tricky as there is a great variety of miter saws available in the market. One of the biggest advantages i find with using this type of compound miter saw is that you usually have a greater cutting arc than you do with a sliding compound saw as youre not limited by any sliding rails. A sliding miter saw will increase the efficiency of the workflow if the user finds himself or herself constantly having to make more cuts to split a piece of wood.

Miter saws are a valuable tool for the diyer and a must have tool for a fully functioning workshop. You are going to need a miter saw to make the accurate cuts needed to build the fence posts. For example think if you are trying to build a fence.

Some may feature stops on their miter index the listing of angles on the base of the saw that can be set to the most commonly needed angles. Compound power miter saw. This very brief introduction to the miter saw will give you a basic overview.

A miter saw is a handy tool to own but is it good for woodworking. Compound miter saws can make both miters and bevels for the average woodworker its rare to have to cut bevels and lastly on a sliding miter saw the blade slides out allowing for the ability to cut wider boards. With a non sliding miter saw youre looking at only about a 6 inch max cut width.

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