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Do I Need A Bandsaw

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Acquiring tools as needed implies i need the tool immediately since i dont do woodworking for a living i probably dont need half the tools i own. An opportunity arose to buy a refurbished minimax 24 inch bandsaw.

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It is even capable of deep ripping or resawing planks into two halves.

Do i need a bandsaw. With a jig a band saw will cut circular parts very accurately. Every band saw should have a cast iron steel or aluminum alloy table which tilts up to 45 degrees for angled cuts. Additional features to consider.

Look for band wheels that have tires with cleaning brushes to keep the wheels clean. Why would i need a band saw if i have a top of the line saber saw. The smaller 14 inch saws can run a 34 inch blade without much issue the larger saws can run 1 inch or 1 14 inch blades.

For straight cuts i would recommend a wood slicer or a carbide tooth blade. Band saw was my very first machine i bought and that was just a bench top ryobi. Bandsaw boxes are easy to make but you need to follow a few rules of the road.

The table will typically be about 16 inches in both width and length equipped with a miter track. Before we wrap up the band saw vs table saw comparison theres a few other important things to consider before we let you off to decide which one you need. Well tuned you can get cuts that rival a table saw or track saw for smoothness of cut.

Click on the images to enlarge them for more detail. It maxes out with a half inch blade but as an aid alongside my hand tool woodworking thats all i need. Yes you need a bandsaw.

But if you are really interested in a bandsaw and can look at one in the store the best thing to do is to give it a trytinkerer2 although your mm16 im jealous by the way and my walker turner are both 16 bandsaws they are in very different classes. The bandsaw its the machine thats most like man. These will cut straight and resaw with ease.

A band saw can cut deeper. You will use it on every project you build. Now having a bit more experience under my belt i wish i would have just gotten a 14 with a good resaw capacity.

Do i want to count on it especially with good wood. Its very important that you use the right blade and that you make the cuts in the correct sequence. I dont need a band saw no more than i needed a lie nielsen plane but i have one.

That saw is made by centauro in italy most consider agazanni and centauro the two best makers of bandsaws in the world. Can a 14 inch bandsaw do resawing. And thats all i use it for ripping.

Its stood up right for one so takes up little space. Shop size is an issue for me 10 x 20 so a band saw also means cashing in some precious space. Kerf is a reference to how much material is actually removed by the saw blade.

Intricately curved shapes cut accurately are another task well suited to a band saw. Do i need a bandsaw. This story lays out the bandsaw project for you start to finish.

A half inch 3 tpi thin kerf blade for ripping.

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