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Disston Dovetail Saw

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The purpose of a dovetail saw is as the name implies to cut dovetails and other fine joints. With a 12 sawplate 02 thick and filed 14 ppi rip its a great saw thats thin enough for precise dovetail work but stout enough for thicker stock applications.

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9 manufactured by disston.

Disston dovetail saw. Henry disston started selling his own saws in 1840 operating out of a rented basement in philadelphia. Besides its small size the distinguishing feature of the dovetail saw that separates it from other backsaws is the thickness of its blade about 018 26 gauge. At any rate i price saws to recoup my initial investment and then get an appropriate return on investment for the 3 4 hours i spend restoring them.

I cant tell you how many times ive needed to cut dovetails in material 1 and up in thickness and my other saws just wouldnt make the cut. The blade etching is perfectly clear. Disston but the back and the blade etching are both henry disston son.

The saws that i have had sharpened were done by mike wenzloff sons saw makers. These are all quality saws i would happily use in my own shop. 9 remake now available.

We offer the no. Best chainsaws under 100. 9 in 16 length filed rip or crosscut in either flame maple of figured walnut.

Take a look at the new and improved tool exchange website for easier use navigation and enhancement of your buying experience. Having the 12 plate also means fewer strokes and youll never run the blade out of the. Shopping for a chainsaw can easily become overwhelming.

But daddy has a saw problemi can only keep so many before swmbo lowers the boom im sure youre there too buddy. We now offer a retro remake of the classic and allusive reagan no. Top 5 in class for household jobs.

I have now returned from a uk buying trip to bring customers additional tools for the site. A note on pricing. Disston saw works of philadelphia was one of the better known and highly regarded manufacturers of handsaws in the united statesduring the machine age as henry disston sons inc it was a supplier of industrial saw bladesa successor corporation still active in philadelphia is called disston precision.

Despite setbacks during his first decade in business such as fires and the confiscation of his machinery in a rent dispute disston built his company into the largest manufacturer of saws in the world. With all of the different features power and accessories it can become a very difficult experience to navigate through. Sa190455 henry disston son a 10 disston son back saw with 14 ppi and in nice as found conditionthe medallion is h.

Usa medallion from the 1950s. Henry disston sons no4 back saw 13 point crosscut 14 inch length.

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Disston Dovetail Saw For Sale
Disston Dovetail Saw For Sale
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