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Crosscut Sled Dimensions

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A good tablesaw sled makes perfect crosscuts easy accurate and very safe. The cross cut sled is probably the most important jig in your shop.

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How To Make A Tablesaw Crosscut Sled

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However in order to provide the proper results it must be built with care.

Crosscut sled dimensions. The right portion of the sled is stationary and is used to level the table for the wood going thru the saw. A cross cut sled for the table saw is a must have jig for any serious woodworker. The cross cut sled should work on any table saw with slots or ways cut to match the sled.

The dimensions in this model are in metric. To make my sled even more versatile i decided to modify it by adding a pivoting fence. The ultimate shop built crosscut sled its safe it slides like a dream and replaceable throat plate makes it last forever.

The tricky parts of the construction are cutting runners that slide smoothly in the tracks and getting the fence perfectly square to the blade. Set up your jigs for smooth sliding action on table saws router tables workbenches and more. 6 tips to building a better cross cut sled for your tablesaw.

The left side of the sled should move freely after the fence is clamped to the desired angle and the stop and wood hold down clamp adjusted. The type of sled that i use on my table saw is not so much a dainty thing that slides on both sides of the grove. More accurate than a miter gauge it also makes cross cutting any board easy and safe.

If you care to build one of these sleds yourself ive made the sketchup model available below. The rock solid fence ensures square cuts every time with easy to adjust controls to make setup quick and simple. However on its own its not very practical for making angled cuts.

I will explain the theory and calculations to enable anyone to get a sled dead on square. Im almost always using a table saw sled for crosscuts. These solid aluminum bars have nylon set screws in the miter bar that adjust in or out for a perfect fit in any standard 34 x 38 miter slot.

Gather materials and cut the pieces we used top quality nine ply birch for our crosscut sled but any flat plywood with smooth faces will work. Lightweight sled design makes cutting large workpieces on the table saw a snap. The table saw crosscut sled is the most used jig in my workshop.

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How To Make A Tablesaw Crosscut Sled

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Crosscut Sled
Crosscut Sled
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