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Crankshaft Pulley Key Broken

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Broken woodruff key. Another springanother major engine project for mongo.

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Remove rounded hex key bolts 8 different ways.

Crankshaft pulley key broken. Welding repair to my vans crankshaft key way duration. What would cause the key way on the crankshaft to be sheared off btw the balancer and the gear that moves. Some of these vehicles may be involved in a recall for this issue.

Damo vegan 9159 views. I broke the keyway and wollered out the crank pulley. A woodruff key is installed in the hub of a pulley or gear so that the pulley or gear does not slip off the shaft it is attached to or spin freely.

An engine will start and run with no pulley on the front though i am sure you would notice pretty quickly if it were completely broken. Its purpose is to absorb and reduce harmonic vibrations from the engine as the crankshaft rotates as harmonic vibrations at high engine speeds can cause accelerated wear and damage to the components. Oy vey winter breakdown in wyoming100 miles from home.

The crankshaft harmonic balancer is a device connected to the front of an engines crankshaft usually built into the crankshaft pulley. If that is done then. Yes when my balancer bolt came loose it did the same thing.

Our technicians tell us that an updated bolt may be available. Worn and broken keyway solutions belzona mpt. Only way that it will shear off is if the crank pulley is loose and allowing all of the tension to be applied to the key instead of.

How to remove a woodruff key. The crankshaft pulley operates the belts which turn your accessories on the front of the engine. Still have them laying on my work bench after eating all 16 valves and ruining 1 rocker and putting a crack in my vc when all hell broke loose from the crank pulley spinning on the crank.

Replacing as necessary and properly torquing the crankshaft bolt will commonly correct this issue. Once the alternator stops charging the vehicle runs on the battery. These keys are found in motorized devices such as lawn.

A few miles later the battery light and the break light came on. I suggest installing a new woodruff key and the crankshaft sprocket and then carefully manually rotating the crankshaft checking for proper camshaft operation and interference. Repairing a crankshaft pulley and key with damaged key slot on crankshaft on my 2000 xterra.

The crankshaft pulley bolt may become loose or break causing loss of power steering operation and other related engine accessories. I got stuck in traffic and saw a clearing so i shot the gap. Would you say that if that bolt was broken while trying to remove it it was over or under torqued.

That time is limited before the battery runs. Replacing plug 6 in a 2000 v6 xterra. Crankshaft pulley broken woodruff key solved.

I had my girlfriend do some research in the passenger seat and she came up with it being the alternator. However it may not be possible to remove the crankshaft gear without loosening the jackshaft front sprocket retaining bolt. The other day i was driving home on the highway 55 mph.

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Crankshaft Pulley Key
Crankshaft Pulley Key
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