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Cottonwood Wood Uses

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Cottonwood which is a true poplar is normally used for pulp for fine paper production in plywood oriented strand board osb and other more rough uses. Cottonwood is a diffuse porous hardwood which simply means that the annual rings are not very prominent.

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Eastern cottonwood is the state tree of kansas and nebraska and is sometimes called the pioneer of the prairie.

Cottonwood wood uses. With todays technology in wood preservatives and with proper maintenance i. Since then ive included cottonwood oil or cottonwood tincture into most of my salves and creams. Cottonwood firewood has a low btu rating but that doesnt mean you cant use it for firewood it just means it doesnt supply as much heat as other popular hardwoods like oak or beech.

Pioneers on the oregon trail would look for such trees as their shade and firewood was a welcome respite and their presence usually meant that water was nearby. Cw holds up very well under stress. Pressboard tends to swell distort and decompose very rapidly and has no structural value.

Cottonwood trees are classified as a hardwood even though the wood is relatively soft and not very dense. Moving vans floors and walls. Cottonwood is an amazing preservative.

Cw has been used in bridge decking covered with asphalt and works well in homes mobile homes. Cottonwood benefits as a preservative. Cottonwoods tendency to fuzz translates to stringiness in carving.

Historically this family of plants was used even more on the fringes of traditional folk medicine as a fever. Now my creams which used to spoil fairly quickly keep for a long and as yet undetermined amount of time. Because the wood has little color or figure and lacks the luster that even basswood displays under the blade carvings made from it usually.

We owe todays widespread use and production of aspirin to this family and other plants rich in salicylic acids the original purveyors of the effects aspirin is responsible for. That is unless you keep your cutting edges sharp cuts wont be clean.


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Cottonwood Wood
Cottonwood Wood
Cottonwood has a semi arid steppe climate.
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