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Co2 Laser Cooling Temperature

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5 45 operating humidity. 1300 900mm other size is optional.

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A compressor based recirculating chillers coolant temperature can be set to between 500c and 3500c and maintain 010c temperature stability ensuring that the laser system is operating at the optimal wavelength and as efficiently as possible.

Co2 laser cooling temperature. I havent really been able to find what the optimal operating temp range for a sealed co2 laser is. At minimum a co2 laser tube will require room temperature water to run through the laser tube when the laser is firing. One of my machines is a fairly small 40w co2 laser that i usually run dialed down to about 30w i have a three gallon reservoir and a pump that keeps it at decent operating temperature without any active cooling at all.

All of the laser chillers offer continuous cooling with temperature from 50 to 350c. Co2 laser water chillerco2 laser tubes are cooled by running or pumping water through the tube. Tea c02 laser chiller.

I keep my machine clean he said. This is necessary to extend the life of the tube which otherwise would overheat and quickly lose power and eventually fail to operate. If you have 400 and a higher power laser 100 watts youll find a few chillers out there that will do the job pretty well.

Featuring a low profile design with high quality locking casters the tea co2laser chillers provide a small footprint with exceptional performance and unmatched reliability. Co2 sealed off glass tube. Maintaining co2 laser quality with cooling systems.

But that only works well if you can find a way to keep the water at a consistent temperature. Water cooling with protection system. Water pumps certainly achieve this bar with a simple flow system.

For instance the quartz tubes on my machine now are as clear as they were nine years ago donner said adding that continual monitoring of temperature has a lot to do with that. From that simple concept laser operators have a few options for optimal laser tube cooling systems. I have a 240mm radiator in the cooling loop however if it prefers running at lower temps say below 30c ish i do have a water chiller i could adapt.

In co 2 lasers beams of infrared light are produced from a gas mixture mainly composed of nitrogen helium and co 2. This gaseous mixture can produce excessive heat and in order to presevre beam stability effective cooling of the co 2 lasers is necessary to keep them operating at maximum performance. Commercially available recirculating chillers provide convenient cooling for a laser system.

Co2 laser water chiller. Certain high powered lasers 6 kw co2 laser and higher have temperature monitors on the optics. Cooling method for laser.

Like most co2 lasers the laser tube is kept cool with a continuous stream of water.

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Co2 Laser Cooling
Co2 Laser Cooling
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