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Cliff Stamp Knife Sharpening

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Personally for example i would rather sharpen a knife which can cut 12 hemp with 5 lbs on a draw and sharpen it after say 100 cuts so it never gets more than 10 lbs. Paper wheels perfect edge cutlery maker of the perfect edge sharpening tower pro knife sharpeners easy to use sharpeners for the professional or novice.

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Do i still have to take a few passes on the course to get rid of the burruseless stock.

Cliff stamp knife sharpening. Generally yes knives will blunt by deformation before wear and thus the edge will be of highly stressed metal if you leave this on the edge then the edge retention will be fairly low. The work performed is often just to explore aspects of performance which may not be relevant to the specific knife but is just done to examine the steel or some aspect of geometry or design see the faq for more details. There is also a small adjunct project which collect some statistics on knife performance for fun and education.

Post by cliff stamp sat apr 05 2008 858 pm bladese97 wrote. I would not sharpen it so it starts at 10 lbs but can do 1000 cuts before hitting 20 lbs. The worlds greatest sharpener is an open invitation for any individual to have a quantitative measurement of their sharpening skills.

Also of interest is joe talmadges sharpening faq no longer active and steves knife sharpening site. Razor edge systems razor sharp edgemaking system paper wheel systems reliable knife honest and accurate opinions of the best knives currently on the market. 03 stock one is 64 hrc the other 59 hrc the competition is simple you comment on what you think will happen the closest wins a knife or high end sh.

These are all kinds of ridiculous. This is one of the reasons why people who dont sharpen knives often but let them go extremely dull dont tend to consider edge retention at all as they wont even notice any difference because once you get in the plateau of very low sharpness it takes forever for a blade to change any more regardless of the steel. Cliff stamp if the khukuri already has a good edge profile a setup like the spyderco sharpmaker with ceramic sticks held at an angle works well.

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