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Cello Neck Repair

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Cello neck pulling off the body. Now its back in playing order.

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On top of that you are looking to pay as much for the repair as you did for the cello.

Cello neck repair. After the assessing the repair i began. A repaired break in the neck itself is chancy at best and if you see a glued pegbox crack it necessarily wont have a cheek patch which would hide the crack. Its not to bad but when i got home and was brining it back into tune it started to creak a little.

But it was still worth repairing. I have done this repair many times on really cheap cellos where you glue the neck back in remove the fingerboard and countersink a bolt that goes all the way through to the heel then glue the fingerboard back. If you live in a town.

While you could look here and maybe with good luck find someone who is attuned and experienced in cello repair id advise you to expand your horizons and look at mostly guitar repairs but of a serious bent which means that the lurkers are into other stringed instruments. The neck had separated from the instrument taking the button with it and it had a crack in the neck block. Cello neck repair here is a cello neck that was sheared off.

A cello came in today with the neck cleanly broken off along the grain through the foot just below the top of the instrument. The latest restoration project. I can glue it back together at nominal cost and if it doesnt hold he hasnt los.

The owner has received a 3500 quote for a neck graft far more than the cello is worth. Discussion in setup repair db. I know of only one repair other than a neck graft that will indefinitely hold a cracked neck heel especially if the crack is near the fingerboard and most luthiers dont do it.

A cello that came into the shop in two pieces. Its a roth 44 and the guy who had it must have left it strung up when he was moving around because the neck has started to pull away at the button. Cello neck with pre carved scroll product number.

Since it was an inexpensive cello with centimental value i repaired it without doing a neck graft.

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Cello Neck Repair Cost
Cello Neck Repair Cost
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Cello Broken Neck Repair
Cello Broken Neck Repair
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