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Building A Hearth For Wood Stove

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Stray cinders or sparks can start fires in combustible carpet or wood flooring without the proper hearth. Stone slate brick and tile are all commonly used.

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How to build a brick hearth for a wood stove.

Building a hearth for wood stove. The proper installation always includes a fireproof hearth built large enough to accommodate. I just want to show how easy it is to set the hearth stone using type s mortar and some metal lath. As long as you meet the clearance requirements when choosing the location for your wood stove the hearths shape is up to you.

The hearth pad can be as simple as a metal shield or even a concrete slab but the stove must sit on a non combustible surface. How to build a raised hearth. It must be a made from a fire resistant material so that it will not ignite from stray embers sparks or extreme heat.

Many people are turning back to using wood burning stoves for heating their homes. It can be very cost effective especially if you have enough land to cut your own wood. A wood burning stove often sits on a hearth pad.

Some hearths are level with the floor and. Fill the bottom of the frame with 12 inch plywood and fill the frame with bricks. This pad must be fire resistant and able to withstand the weight of the stove.

Wood stoves are efficient sources of heat for a home and are safe as long as you install them correctly. In your planning before the installation of the stove you will need to find out the requirements and safety precautions necessary for a safe burning stove. To build a wood stove hearth pad create a template to the correct size then create a wooden frame with 1 by 2 lumber.

If you plan to build your hearth in a corner an angled kitty corner. A hearth provides protection for the floor in front of a fireplace or underneath a wood burning stove. Im building a hearth pad for my cast iron vermont casting free standing wood burning stove.

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Building A Hearth
Building A Hearth
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