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Buffing Lacquer Paint

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The secret to buffing cured lacquer is like len said keep the rpm of the buffer down and dont run a dry buffing pad make sure you keep it moist with compund or fine polish. My other suggestion is to only use compounding if you have peel that you need to remove and do that after you have replenished the oil back into the paint.

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Id prefer hand but if random orbital buffers are the way to go happy to try that.

Buffing lacquer paint. While most 2k clears need compounding within a few days of application acrylic needs a long time to dry and gas off. If you have acrylic lacquer paint you can go ahead and apply a liquid wax sealant buff the paint out one last time and call it a day. Thats the same as the original paint they used in the factory in sweden.

In most cases you will be trying to remove orange peel when buffing a new paint job. If however you need a clear coat you have one more step to go before you can stand back and admire the mirror finish. Then you can finish off with rottenstone.

Lacquer is a soft easy paint to sand and buff but finishing with a higher grit will make it easier to remove your sanding marks by hand or machine. Orange peel is an imperfection in the paint job which makes the surface look bumpy. Wet sanding and buffing automotive paints.

Buffing out a lacquer finish. Once the final lacquer coats have cured most finishers begin wet sanding with fine grit finishing papers. The final rub out done carefully and properly is what takes any paint jobdone by a pro or done by you at homefrom the level of as good as factory to full on custom paint.

Then mix up a slurry of pumice. Then you can apply a good carnuba wax over it to seal in the oil. This will rejuvinate a lacquer job and since you wont be buffing away any paint you have more to save for later waxings.

If the clear has lasted 10 years without serious spider web cracking or checking then the paint is pretty stable by now. Finally lets take a look at this 60 pontiac color sanded and rubbed out by bill larzelere. If you dry sand you ruin your fine finishing paper in 10 seconds.

Acrylic lacquer paint sanding buffing polishing because i used acrylic primer the only topcoat i could use was acrylic lacquer. Anybody who knows. Because of the high thinner content normally acrylic mix is 100150 paintthinner the gasses go right down to the bottom layer and takes along time to come out.

When you wet sand use a squeegee to check your progress and check that progress often. Orange peel only happens during the painting process and is not something that happens during waxing or cleaning a car. Rottenstone is finer than pumice.

Orbital buffers are worthless for removing sanding marks. You can use a sanding lubricant made from murphys oil soap diluted with 75 percent water or more. You want to remove the orange peel texture before buffing see picture.

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Buffing Lacquer
Buffing Lacquer
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