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Blind Dovetail Joint

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The half blind version of the. When beginning woodworkers rank the difficulty of the different dovetail joints they usually think of the through dovetail as the bunny slope the half blind dovetail is the expert slope perhaps a blue or a black trail if you are a snow skier.

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So whats the full blind dovetail.

Blind dovetail joint. There are a few different types of dovetail joints but the most popular is the half blind dovetail joint shown in the photo above and the through dovetail joint. Half blind dovetail joints or single lap dovetail. Craftsmen use a half blind dovetail when they do not want the end grain visible from the front of the joint.

From through dovetails to half blind dovetail joints. Dovetail jigs come with a template or comb with a series of fingers that you guide a router along to cut the dovetails. Half blind dovetail joints are commonly used for attaching drawer fronts.

Note that one of the pieces has a rabbet cut on the end while the other does not. A half blind dovetail joint also known as the single lap dovetail joint is exactly opposite of a through joint because the end grain is not visible on the boards. Some classic furniture pieces utilized sliding dovetail joinery for wooden drawer slides.

Learn how to make a half blind dovetail joint in just 12 easy steps with this free step by step woodworking tutorial on the craftsy blog. A sliding dovetail joint consists of a long groove with angled sides to serve as the tail for the sliding dovetail joint while a corresponding long pin is cut into the end of the adjoining board. Half blind dovetails are commonly used to fasten drawer fronts to drawer sides.

One way to think of this full blind dovetail is as a transition between the half blind dovetail and the secret miter dovetail. This classic dovetail joint used to secure the front of a drawer to the sides is sometimes called a lapped dovetail or a half blind dovetail you can see it from the side when the drawer is. The tails fit into mortises in the ends of the board that is the front of the item hiding their ends.

In a way this is similar to the secret miter dovetail which has a rabbet cut on both pieces. Simple dovetail jigs such as the one here help you make tight fitting half blind dovetails quickly and easily. Sockets house the tails at the end of the boards so the dovetail ends are invisible.

Follow these key steps and tricks for using your dovetail jig and youre sure to enjoy success.

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Half Blind Dovetail
Half Blind Dovetail
Sockets house the tails at the end
Half Blind Dovetail Joint
Half Blind Dovetail Joint
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Blind Dovetail
Blind Dovetail
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