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Black Walnut Burl Value

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Michael where do you live. We may be interested in purchasing the logs and if local have the ability to do the removal as well as we have three licensed timber operators ltos on staff as well as a d49 tree service addendum to our california.

Woodslabs Com Black Walnut

Cutting Board Solid Burl Black Walnut Wood

How To Sell Whole Black Walnut Burls Ehow

Who buys the burl.

Black walnut burl value. 2 black walnut 5 hard maple and 5 black cherry were logged earlier this month on his property and are accessable. Maple burl redwood burl buckeye burl curly redwood burl myrtlewood burl and black walnut burl. Told my friend about this story of the value of black walnut stumps.

The proof is in the sawingoctober 26 2011. Walnut burl is most often used for pieces that will show off the remarkable grain and patterns. All exotic and domestic wood slabs burls can be seen in person at the exotic wood shed in our charm ohio store return to burls slabs.

Walnut burls are extremely rare but that does not mean theyre worth money. Youve just found a beautiful black walnut burl deep in your woods. Is this an english walnut tree with black walnut graft and if so is the burl located in the graft portion of the trunk.

His reply was i can get the stumps out but who should i contact about selling them to location is central illinois. You are buying the exact slab of lumber in the images shown. You have to find buyers in your area and that will mostly be up to you to research and make contacts.

Walnut black burls slabs these are one of a kind pieces. How to sell whole black walnut burls. 1700 pound black oak burl being cut by a 60 lucas mill with the slabber attachment.

With considerable effort you removed it from the dead tree and carried it home. The proof is in the sawingoctober 26 2011. Burlwood has been selling high quality burl for 25 years in six different domestic species.

I am highly experienced at cutting and processing each piece of burl to achieve the highest quality of figure. Certainly worth looking at firsthand. This is clearly a magnificent piece of wood that could be crafted.

Daily auction monday friday at 1pm pst. Walnut black natural edge slabs. The burl is easily a foot across and exhibits characteristic brownish swirls and patterns.

I am not in the market for many bowls but the instructions i give in my blog how to harvest and sell burls is the best general advice i know of how to sell burls. Walnut burl is a valuable wood for woodworkers and artists who enjoy working with such a unique and uncommon wood. Log burl buying if you have an individual tree burl or orchard that you are planning to remove please contact us.

Dollar value of a walnut burl walnut burls are extremely rare but that does not mean theyre worth money. No two pieces of walnut burl will be alike even though they may be the same species the pieces can vary greatly in appearance. I had some local black walnut setting for two years in that time a.

If it is it could prove to be quite spectacular especially if it has pins all over it and quite pricey.

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