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Bin Zinsser Shellac Based Pigmented Primer

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Hi hope you can help. Shellac based primer is shellac with white die and pigment in it.

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Zinsser Bin Primer B I N Primer In Zinsser Bin Primer Sealer Reviews

Zinsser B I N Shellac Base Primer Product Page

Post catalyzed solvent based lacquers.

Bin zinsser shellac based pigmented primer. This premium whole house primer sealer provides outstanding performance indoors and out with low odour great flow and levelling and a flexible acrylic formula. I am planning on using an oil base sealer with a latex bm top coat. The wood is stained but there is not a glossy cover on it.

If there are a. Shellac is an alcohol based product. I am having to paint my upstairs.

I am wanting to paint them to brighten the room. Spot prime any knots first with an oil based or pigmented shellac primer that is designed to prevent bleeding. Todays question comes from aaren.

Serious cabinet refinishing work requires the use of lacquers and not traditional house paints. Theres a reason zinsser bulls eye 1 2 3 water base primer is our most popular primer. Im here with some hard hitting journalism.

Sherwin proclassic is also a waterbased acrylic alkyd. My daughters room will not stop smelling. You dont always have to prime before painting but in the end it saves you time and money.

Knots like those found in knotty pine can pose a problem when painting since the resin in them has a tendency to bleed back through the finished surface. The search for the perfect waterborne cabinet paint is over. Last updated on sunday 12 february 2012 0648 by ermand sunday 12 february 2012 0641.

Its a winwinwin if there is such a thing choosing the right. The majority of kitchen cabinet refinishing jobs done by sharrard painting and fine finishing use a post catalyzed solvent based lacquer system. The house was built in the 50s and has wood strips on the walls and ceiling.

Inside our forums users can browse threads to see what exchanges are taking place on a topic of interest or start their own dialogue by posting something for the community to take part in. Call me barbara walters. Priming helps your paint cover in less coats last longer and look better.

Using primer should be an easy choice before any paint job. Shellac is one of the best stain blockers around bar none. Getting rid of paint smell.

Its the showdown of the yearin one corner we have benjamin moore advance painta waterborne interior alkyd that boasts being the best for painting cabinetsand in the opposing corner we have sherwin of the williams clan. In the search for a better cabinet grade waterborne finish my company jhc recently started using sw kem aqua plusits rare that i get excited about a new coating like this but i am very pleased with the results we have been getting with this paint. I am trying to see the difference between kilz zinnser bm or sw etc.

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