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Best Way To Cut Lexan

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Hold the lexan on. You didnt say what thickness if sheet goods.

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Start the cut only after the saw is running at full speed.

Best way to cut lexan. It should align the blade to cut down the center of the tape line. Measure and set the fence. You didnt say what exactly your subject matter issheet rod or tube.

If the lexan heats up too much itll be possible that you warp it so a mist spray cooling system is good. The best way to cut plexiglass. Lexan brand name for polycarbonate can be cut with any tooling that will cut wood.

All of this being said one of the best ways possible seems counterintuitive but is very accurate and easy to clean and much less likely to chip but get ready to sweat the coping saw. Measure and then place a piece of masking tape from point to point where. Lay the sheet flat on a workbench with the off cut overhanging the edge.

For intricate or multiple cuts use a jigsaw with a proper blade. It is often used in place of glass where there is a high probability of impact because it is more flexible that glass. If you use a jigsaw use clamps or weights to ensure the lexan doesnt wake or slide around during the cutting process.

If you have a few cuts use a hand held knife or blade with a straight edge. Use a carbide tipped blade. How to cut lexan step 1.

In either case work very carefully and dont rush the job. Turn on the saw. The best way to cut 316 lexan install a 116 inch laminate cutting blade on a table saw.

Best way to cut lexan. Plexiglass is a thin clear plastic sheeting material made of acrylic. Use a carbide tipped blade with a tooth spacing of 12 inch or less when you cut lexan.

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Best Way To Cut Lexan Glass
Best Way To Cut Lexan Glass
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Best Way To Cut Lexan Rc Body
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Best Way To Cut Lexan Sheet
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