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Bench Chisel Bevel Angle

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Bevels are ground at a 25 degree angle. The wheel pictured happens to be a norton blue wheel.

Brief Sharpening Notes

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Premium with hornbeam handle.

Bench chisel bevel angle. The others are ground at 250. In hardwoods a 20o edge on a chisel just doesnt stand up in any use ive found. If you are freehand sharpening and you are anywhere between 30 40 degrees the planes cutting edge will of course last longer and the plane will cut with exactly the same pressure because the angle of presentation to the wood is identical regardless of bevel angle.

Bolstered tangs are also ferruled for durability. The bevel is flat ground at 300 but a higher secondary bevel. Blades are 4 58 inches to 6 12 inches long.

The bevel angle from the factory came in at 30 degrees. Narex czech made bevel edged chisels are a fine value. Backs are ground flat and finished by hand at 600 grit.

I like mortise chisels to have a convex curve on the bevel. The blades are accurately ground and have a slimmer cross section. 6 mm 8 mm 10 mm 12 mm 16 mm 18 mm 20 mm 26 mm 30 mm 32 mm 40 mm and 50 mm.

As for coarse sharpening and bevel shaping i like a slow speed grinder around 1750 2000 rpms with a 60 grit aluminum oxide wheel. The edges are square parallel along the length and very narrow so you can get into tight places. I grind the bevel on all these chisels at 25o.

They are made of a2 tool steel hardened to rockwell 60 62 cryogenically treated and double tempered. All have 20 micro bevels and require only final honing before use. The 14 and 38 chisels have 300 primary bevel angles.

Myth and mystery surrounding plane and chisel bevels. Now is the time to decide on a bevel angle. The blades are excellent.

Don one of my partners prefers to grind and hone at the same angle so he can both high ends of the hollow ground bevel on the stones for more accurate honing. Right where i like it. European beech handles feature well seated heavy steel ferrules to withstand vigorous mallet work.

Fine grained nicely tempered chrome manganese steel rc 58 that takes and holds a beautiful edge without brittleness. These chisels are available in the following sizes. However if you are just getting started and want to sharpen fairly quickly it will be easier if you can just dial your honing guide into the right bevel angle for your chisels to start.

For a paring chisel the bevel can be as low as 200 some woodworkers like the bevel angle even lower like 150 but you sacrifice edge strength with a bevel that low.

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