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Band Saw Dangers

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The force is into the table so kickback isnt an issue. Hes referring to the sawstop an unusual saw with a safety system that stops and retracts the blade within 5 milliseconds upon accidental human contact.

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Although a band saw is rarely the first stationary power tool purchased for a shop it is one of the most versatile.

Band saw dangers. 1 hair or clothes caught by the cutting tool 2 chips in the eyes 3 fingers cuttrapped with the blade. Miter saws are very dangerous never underestimate how much energy they can generate when things go wrong. According to mark pennington marketing director of sawstop table saws account for about 60000 recorded injuries each year an average of over 150 each day.

The most dangerous function i can think of is working with tiny pieces better suited for a scroll saw or some type of holding jig. The lower horsepower saws sold for home use can be stalled easily this can be a good thing for a beginner and an absolute pain for the seasoned user but in any event i would not call a bandsaw the safest tool or a dangerous tool it really boils down to whether the person using it is a safe operator or a risk taker. Learn the applications and limitations before use.

I have taken to using a push stick to hold down the work i dont even want a close call. Make sure you understand the instructions before attempting to use any tool or machine. Band saw tool school.

Hooking a finger is a problem with any tool. Compared to other home power tools including nail guns chain saws and circular saws table saws are the most dangerous home power tool and can deliver catastrophic injuries. In this article well be taking a closer look at the potential dangers that are associated with this powerful tool as well as the security precautions that need to be considered.

Jet metal band saw is a large commercial metal band saw. A scroll saw cannot only be used for fun craft work but also for cutting decorative mouldings and other furniture and cabinetry pieces. Table saw accidents account for somewhere in the neighborhood of 67000 recorded injuries every year.

Securely anchor the band saw to the floor or a workbench of appropriate height to reduce vibration. Hope you heal and thanks for posting your experience i hope we all learn from it. A band saw can be dangerous if not used properly.

Read the owners manual carefully. There is a flip up bracket which allows you to rest the saw above your work. It is sturdy and made of cast iron.

If you own a table saw you probably know that this power tool requires the user to take great care for his safety.

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