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Baltic Birch Plywood Texture

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The natura collection architectural panels are manufactured from a baltic birch plywood core. Appalachian cherry which is grown in pennsylvania west virginia and new york has developed a reputation for having the best veneer quality and relatively gum free cherry.

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Badger hardwoods is located in wisconsin and offers all types of hardwoods including hardsoft maple hardwood northern pine wood and even red oak.

Baltic birch plywood texture. Birch plywood from china often tries to follow domestic face and back grade rules. Sometimes it can be grey brown pale brown or yellowish brown. The core is a chinese poplar that is less stable than domestic plywood although the chinese are getting better at machine drying the core and holding the tolerances.

Macassar ebony lumber is also known as striped ebony. The woods heartwood is black with reddish or brown streaks. Using unique routing methods we create texture and dimension by exposing the multiple layers beneath the surface of the plywood core.

The natura collection architectural panels are manufactured from baltic birch plywood core. Discover the hug variety of combinations in the new egger decorative collection valuable inspiration smart solutions and a well thought out holistic system to help you meet your customer expextations. Plywood made from birch veneer is one of the most widely used of all the hardwood plywood products.

Originally plywood referred to wood panels made of multi layered veneer bonded together with gluewhile this term is still accurate today the name plywood has become more generic being used to refer to all types of engineered wood panels. Baltic birchs core is unlike traditional plywood you may be used to seeing. The layers of inner plies are 15 mm thick solid birch veneer cross banded and laminated with exterior grade glue.

White natural red. Geography is important to cherrys color. Birch is a major source of veneer which is a thin layer of wood used to overlay other products such as plywood particleboard or fiberboard.

Using unique routing methods we create texture and dimension by exposing the multiple beneath the surface. Plywood types and application. The egger decorative collection 2017 2019.

Cherry prunus serotina cherry is one of the most beautiful and expensive us.

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Baltic Birch Ply
Baltic Birch Ply
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