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All Over You Like A Rash

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A skin rash refers to a condition in which a certain area of your skin becomes irritated or swollen. I think its mainly a bre expression a variant is all over him like a rash commonly used to denote the excessive attention one person gives to another usually when theyve only just met as a result of a sudden sexual attraction.

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All over it like a rash.

All over you like a rash. Up vote 3 down vote. Usage of the phrase implies some amount of immediacy or urgency to the performance of the act. Skin rashes may include scaly or red skin skin sores or bumps and burning or itchy skin.

It implies a very negative perception or even jealousy on the part of the speaker although i think its quite possible that the male in question may have appreciated it. Then it would be all over you. Ive only heard of it in the sense she was all over him like a rash meaning that some embarrassing female was clinging tomauling throwing herself at some male.

This helps to reinforce the point and also shows that the user of the phrase has a firm grasp of the english langauge. All over it like a donkey on a waffle. Outward guide for traps pressure plate tripwire all items to arm traps they need nerf duration.

An additional component often added to the commonly used all over it phrase thus creating a simile. Sometimes skin rashes develop all of a sudden. Chickenpox is a virus characterized by red itchy blisters that form all over the body.

To make an act ones top priority much like scarfing free breakfast would be for a donkey were it confronted by an unattended waffle. Measles is a viral respiratory infection that causes a widespread rash consisting of itchy red bumps. A rash is a superficial skin condition where your skin develops redness bumpiness itchiness red dots thats the rash.

Txiri senior member usa english. I love these expressions. Itchy rash all over body.

So many medical conditions may cause skin rashes. A rash could cover your whole body.

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