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5 Cut Method

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Some of you ma. After going through the 5 cut method on my new sled i decided to do it again to see how close i was.

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If every cut you make on the sled is a little off the overall impact on a project can be very noticeable.

5 cut method. Here william will explain the theory and calculations to enable anyone to get a sled dead on square. I measure the offcut with dial caliper and get the following. Well i didnt know about the technique and had originally used a square and my eye which i was satisfied with.

He will show his tips and. Table saw sledge accuracy test five cut method. It has nothing to do with the miter slot and does not matter if the blade is parallel to the slot.

The 5 cut will take care of all. Atop 458 bbottom 442 difference 016 0164 004 length of cut 21 116 using the last two above 004210625 margin or. The cross cut sled is probably the most important jig in your shop.

Used the 5 cut method for the first time recently its amazing how much useful info is in the manual. The 4 cut version depends on you starting with one perfectly straight edge against the fence. Now that ive given it a few tries and growing tired of measuring and re adjusting my crosscut fence im asking myself how good is.

There is a 4 cut version of this test but it can be less accurate than the 5 cut method. Comparison of the 5 cut method and a dial indicator method for squaring a sled fence. After watching the william ng and reading a few comments over on his site it seems 0001 is the ideal tolerance.

I gather it involved making 5 cuts to measure the accuracy of your sled but that is about as far as i got. This might be a really stupid question but in reading previous posts about building a crosscut sled i saw multiple references to the 5 cut method. The 5 cut method is for squaring the blade to the sled fence.

I was sent a message by andrew goodrick asking me why i didnt use the five cut method to align my table saw sledge. Chances are it wont be its very difficult to get it parallel and even if you can you still have to take in consideration the run out of the blade. 5 cut method to squaredoc author.

First off forgive my ineptitude.

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