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2×4 Cauls

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I actually stumbled across andys site a few years ago when i first became interested in radial arm saws. I tried to contact andy at one stage.

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Use 2×4 fir construction lumber about 24 in.

2×4 cauls. But more importantly go into the world and do good. Theres no reason to buy clamping cauls. Sawdust table construction robhare said.

All you need is scrap material. Dewalt radial arm saw forum mr. Rip the stock approximately in half then taper each end from the center about 18 in.

It is important to remember that cauls are not clamps but rather tools designed to improve the quality of panels glued up using long bar and pipe clamps. A handplane softens the midpoint to equalize the clamping strength and to knock off a corner that could mar the workpiece. I have used cauls on some glue ups and was also concerned with the pressure distibution.

Jonathan binzen cutouts on the legs and cutting the arced and profiled edges of the top. These shop assistants allow you to do bigger glue ups with fewer clamps. I then took my hand plane and took off 3 or 4 passes from the 13 mark to the end on each side.

48 fits a lot of panels so i cut an 8 in half to make two cauls. 66 fine woodworking photos except where noted. 1 12 wide 4 high and 4 long.

Clamping cauls are nothing more than rigid wooden bars that are clamped to panel glue ups one on top and another directly below it to keep the individual boards aligned to each other. The only disadvantage is that you may have to let the 2×4 dry out for a while before you can use it. I used to have 2×4 cauls but found they always warped when storedplywood is stable and alot stronger.

Their slightly curved shape helps apply pressure to places where clamps alone cant reach. For cabinet cases and edge banding you cant beat clamping cauls to make glue ups go faster and to spread clamping pressure evenly. Cambered or curved cauls are a great resource to have in your glue up arsenal.

Mike ancora imparo go into the world and do well. If i can be of any help please let me know. Make templates for layout i draw the curved layout lines on the legs.

Cauls made from 2x4s clamp the faces of edge glued boards to keep them flat. Hi rob thanks for your warm email. Andys site and story influenced my love of radial arm saws.

Around here a fir 2×4 is about 3. What i did on my cauls is to joint one edge and make a mark in 13 of the way in from each end. Arrows indicate the direction of a slight bow in each caul.

One of their most common uses is in applying clamping pressure across the shelf dado in the side of a case piece where its imperative to achieve pressure across the entire joint. I scewed and glued 2 pieces together then used a sled for one side then just ripped the other edge on ts then used an angle sled to cut slight angles to meet in the middle. Long depending on the size of the case.

Make big glue ups a cinch with clamping cauls made from scrap 2x4s.

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